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Yola & Daria

We are a paper cutting artist and an illustrator/designer, whose mutual passion to create reignited our artistic practice and sparked a mother and daughter collaboration.

From our home studio in Kallista, nested in picturesque Dandenong Ranges, we create intricate hand-cut paper artworks. Inspired by our Polish heritage our artwork is derived from Polish ‘Wycinanki’ (pron. Vee-chee-none-kee) folk-art paper cut-outs.

We have extended this traditional art form by fusing mum’s intricate paper-cutting techniques with my designs and illustrations, to interpret the beauty of our environment, iconic buildings, myths and fairy tales.

Our artistic journey is forging new family traditions, guided by our desire to preserve our Polish heritage and family history.

We hope our artwork evokes memories and stories of your heritage, childhood, traditions and your journey!

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Stories Behind the Façade – Exhibition



Fairy Tales and Myths


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